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5 Safety Driving Tips

5 Safety Driving Tips

With a multitude of advertisements and public information campaigns over the years and safer roads, most of the drivers have been conditioned or have imbibed the spirit of driving safely with responsibility. Though tremendous progresses have been made in terms of safety improvement, one of the adversaries comes in the form of high speed and power offered by the vehicles of late. And with enticing roads to drive, the graph on accidents hardly shows any signs of decreasing. Adhering to safe driving is the top priority of the hour as this alone has the potential in reducing the fatalities on road especially in the younger age group. Practicing safe driving behaviour can drastically bring down the number of accidents as the major cause of the accidents is clearly found to be human error. Regardless of the years of experience it would be suggested to practice the following 5 safety driving tips.

Curbing Over speeding

This continues to be one of the prime reasons for accidents and as the research clearly shows kilometre per hour your drive is proportionate to the probability of being involved in an accident. At higher speeds the probability of accident also increases. Over speeding is without doubt one of the dominant factors causing accidents. Speed enthusiasts or people more concerned about journey time may argue in favour of saving time, but still considering the value of life, the thrill of high speed is not worth attempting. Complying with the speed limits also safeguards you even if the every additional hour added to the journey meant the probability of occurrence of an accident becoming slightly higher.

Staying Clear of Distractions

The dominance of gadgets, specifically mobiles is an important thing of concern for causing distractions while driving. It has been proved that the reaction time of a 20 year old while using a mobile is comparable to the reflex of a 70 year old person or simply the reaction time stretches by 20 percent. The problem of distraction is just not confined to the mobiles alone as there could be other impediments like eating or talking with co-passengers, fiddling with any other electronic gadgets. It is always advised to focus on the roads alone and have hands on the steering, the lesser said about getting lost in other thoughts would also be better.

Avoid Driving in a Drowsy State

Another important contributing factor as per researchers concluded that 20 percentage of all the accidents can be caused due to driving in a drowsy state. If you are tired and are overcome with fatigue refrain yourself from driving the car as the chances of crashing are very high however self-confident you may be. A sleepy eyed driver would easily drift even on the best of the roads and any trees or ravines abutting the highway can turn it into a fatality excluding the presence of other vehicles passing on the road. Few yawns might be perceived as harmless initially but they could invariably lead to zoning out, ultimately causing the disaster.

Wearing Seat Belts

Seat belts, without any second thoughts save lives in many circumstances. It prevents the occupants from being flung out when worn appropriately. Statistics vouch that half of the victims identified as fatalities weren’t wearing seat belt and a worrying aspect is that around 70 percent of the victims in the sub-15 age group lost their lives as they failed to fasten the seat belts. It is necessary to bear in mind that even in a crash at low speed can send the passenger careening towards the windshield. So without any hesitations, buckle up to save life.

Avoiding Close Range Driving

The safety guidelines make it mandatory to maintain a safe distance between themselves and the vehicle ahead. Drivers require adequate time to react if the other car halts suddenly. It could be difficult to exactly estimate the distance to be maintained at high speeds but experts advice to follow the “three-second rule.”

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