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High Mileage – Vehicle Maintenance Tips

High Mileage – Vehicle Maintenance Tips

In quest of the elusive formula to enhance your car’s mileage? All and more lies under the hood of the car and you may do well to ponder for a while instead of looking for solutions elsewhere. Maintenance of the vehicle in top notch condition is one of the sure shot recipes for high mileage. There are a clutch of options with regards to maintenance, that is some tasks need to be performed after the vehicle clocks some kilometres and those that need to be done periodically, could be quarterly, half-yearly or on annual basis. Do not get overwhelmed or get into in a state of anxiety as following the procedure will help you to curb unexpected repair, all the while delivering a good mileage. To start with, it could be mildly perplexing on what exactly to focus and maintain to derive maximum mileage. We guide you with the following maintenance tips for extracting a high mileage from your vehicle.

Follow the manual

The thrill at the time of buying a car may fade over a period of time and what used to be an obsession of diligently and routinely following the calendar of service checks could be missed. It is very important to adhere to periodical checks of the vehicle as specified in the manual, as disregarding it may escalate trivial issues into a matter of huge proportion when you least expect it. Keeping track of the manual and the periodical services enhances the life of your vehicle and of course with minimal repair if any.

Changing Oil Regularly

The maintenance of a solid and reliable engine hinges mainly on the oil as they provide the required coating and protection to the engine components from the vagaries of heat and friction. Without the adequate lubrication the internal parts of the engine may slowly wear off and it would impact on the performance of the car on the whole. It is widely campaigned that your car might require an oil change for every 5000km which is an old school thought and advice. With huge amount of improvements made in terms of technology and the components it would just suffice to opt for an oil change somewhere in the range of 12000km to 15000km. Being the heart of a vehicle and a deciding factor in the car’s performance, you ought to pay adequate attention to the condition of the engine. There are options available like high-mileage motor oil which constitutes extra detergents to maintain the old engines clean and also offer requisite protection against oil leaks and engine wear in future.

Maintenance of Tyres

The condition of tyres is one of the factors which could easily be taken for granted wherein the underlying importance proves it otherwise. The role of tyres is no less than the engines for delivering good mileage and ward off frequent repair of the vehicle. Maintaining the exact air pressure ensures a good extension of tyres’ life and this also determines the better handling of the vehicle.  All of these combine to provide a high mileage and a safe travelling experience. Take the assistance of an experienced mechanic to assess the condition of the tyres and replace it if it’s due for a new one.

Attention to detail

By paying close attention during the periodical maintenance of the car you need to sight your eyes on the brake pads, belts, battery and new filters. These components could be in a functional state but delaying things when they are crying for replacement or repair can serve a hefty bill for you to pay later. So instead of relying on your instincts and delaying things it is certainly safe to set things right before they enter the state of repair in addition to causing mental stress when you aren’t even slightly prepared for the eventuality with regards to your car.

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