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Manual vs Automatic Transmission

Manual vs Automatic Transmission

The votaries of manual and automatic transmission have enough brownie points up their sleeve to defend the respective transmissions they prefer. What lies on the surface level provides ample pros and cons about the different transmission and it is left to the prospective owner to make a careful choice. The transmission plays an integral role in enabling the vehicle to shift gears, consequently transferring power originating from the engine to the drive axle in the most effective way. This is made possible by the varying the gear ratio and while in the lower gears the available power is increased by deceleration. In the higher gears, the speed increases with the corresponding reduction in power. This phenomenon empowers the distribution of power and speed in an efficient manner under any circumstances. The transmission is very crucial for the inner functioning of the car, but the general agreement of the exact type of transmission is quite elusive. Let us familiarise with the advantages of both the kinds of transmission.

Automatic transmissions

Automatic transmissions have been gaining an upper hand compared to the manual equivalent in the last few years. Though, automatic transmissions have been ahead in acceptance, many drivers do not find this as an ideal choice. The key points where the automatic transmissions score are:

Easy Usage – Automatic transmissions are very easier and consume minimal time for the drivers to learn and apply accordingly. There is no inherent cumbersome combination of clutches and gears as normally experienced in manual transmission.

Minimal Restriction – This type of transmission offers the possibility of having both the hands on the wheel almost all the time which can be never experienced in manual transmission.

Hilly drive suitable – If the driver is lacking in experience manoeuvring steep roads, in manual transmission it is difficult and it is all the more tedious from a neutral stage. Automatic transmission offers efficient operation regardless of the degree of steepness.

Reduction of stalling risk – Accidental stalling of vehicles can happen in few situations. It is nearly eliminated in this kind of transmission except when the vehicle has some mechanical problems.

Traffic congestion friendly – Manual transmissions involve more functionality in starting, acceleration, deceleration and halting of the vehicle, whereas its counterpart does not have more than pushing a single pedal. This feature makes handling traffic congestion a normal and tireless task.

Manual Transmissions

Drivers with a penchant for getting highly involved with the inner functioning of the vehicle prefer the manual transmission of shifting gears. This type of transmission is favoured for the following attributes:

Moderate Price – When you are on a restricted budget in buying automobiles, manual transmission wins hands down on the price factor. The automatic variant is steeply priced for the equivalent model.

Low-cost Maintenance – With the presence of additional components required for the automatic transmission, the costs are higher to maintain it in running condition. With low maintenance and less significant repairs the expenses are relatively low. However there are minor chances for the clutch component to cause some troubles.

Enhanced Fuel-efficiency – There is not much complication in the manual transmission engines and they comparatively weigh less than their automatic variant. This results in better mileage when pitted against vehicles with automatic transmission. Research has also amply indicated that manual transmissions can significantly save on the fuel costs, somewhere between 5% and 15% which many of the prospective owners would take preference for.

Better Control – Automatic transmissions are specifically designed for choosing the optimum gear for the relevant situation. There also exists a probability of error to shift to the highest of the gears as a precautionary measure and this can cause wastage of engine power. Manual transmissions offer drivers a higher degree of control over the vehicle.

Summing up, automatic transmissions are effortless in usage and more comfortable, wherein the manual transmission vehicles are moderately priced with more involvement.

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